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MBRM are developers of the world-famous UNIVERSAL Add-ins. With 30,000+ users world-wide, the UNIVERSAL Add-ins are the most widely-used derivative software for the pricing, risk management, trading, arbitrage, fund management and auditing of securities, options, futures and swaps in the convertible, fixed income, commodities, energy, equities, foreign exchange and money markets. Links with most real-time feeds create a powerful and dynamic analytical environment. MBRM's software is used world-wide in mission critical applications by most major Investment Houses, Money Managers and Corporate Treasuries.

The UNIVERSAL Add-ins are all implemented as function calls in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL), thus assisting in the ease of use and integration into the user's analytical environment. They can therefore be called from Excel, Access, Visual Basic, C, C++, Fortran etc. This object-orientated building-block approach provides unequalled speed, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. MBRM's technical support is excellent since the software has been designed and implemented in-house. A free fully functional 30 day trial can be downloaded here or any of our other mirrored sites. You can also click on the CD picture in the top left corner to go to our download section at any time.

MBRM also provides source code and analytical consultancy to integrate its technology into existing in-house systems. This provides an alternative to either developing the software in-house, or buying in a potentially inflexible third party system. By sharing its analytical techniques with many clients, MBRM can assist you in building a low cost in-house solution with world-beating analytical tools. Additionally, MBRM provides customised risk management training which uniquely combines analytical excellence with technology solutions, at either their or the client's premises. This would be tailored to the participants' backgrounds, whether they are traders, technology or internal audit professionals. This could include solving real life problems with which the participants are struggling.

MBRM was founded in 1988 by Dr. Mamdouh Barakat. Prior to this, Mamdouh was a quantitative analyst with Drexel Burnham Lambert. He has also held the post of Senior Managing Director of Philadelphia based FNX Limited, who provide global risk management systems to the largest institutions in the world. He received his doctorate, in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Simulation Modelling, from the London School of Economics. Since 2003 Dr. Mamdouh Barakat has been a member of the Education and Standards Committee of the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA). The Committee is charged with the development of PRMIA's Standards of Practice, Conduct and Ethics (Code of Conduct) and the Professional Risk Manager (PRM) program which is both a certification and professional development program.

MBRM are pioneers of the financial add-in and toolkit market segments and have been continuously providing leading edge analytical solutions since 1988 and have one of the longest successful track records in the industry. MBRM regard this as essential since every sale is the start of a long term partnership. MBRM are therefore able to provide the best, fastest, most flexible, most comprehensive, most cost-effective and best supported enterprise-wide Client/Server Portfolio & Risk Management systems, advanced derivative portfolio analysers, analytical toolkits, financial calculators, source code, consultancy and risk management training.


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