About the Center

About the Center

Recent reforms in the ICT education and challenging ICT demands in Jordan and neighboring countries contributed to a remarkable shift in the way ICT businesses are organized. The ICT higher education played a major role in fostering the ICT business through establishing linkage and enhancing collaboration to better serve the sectors needs and leapfrog into a knowledge-based economy. As part of this national effort, the academic entrepreneurship center of excellence has been established in the Hijjawi faculty of Engineering & Technology in an effort to promote creativity and innovation in the field of applied ICTs, and more importantly, crystallize business, faculty, and student intellectual ideas and transforming it into real-life products.

The center has established a number of industry incubators related to of national and international ICT companies. These include MBRM Financial Systems Software, Computer & Communication Systems, MobileCom, SavvyTek, Eskadenia Software Solutions, and Integrated Technology Group. The center will provide the enabling environment and services to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. The center will cooperate with the industry incubators to develop software products in a variety of applications including medical and pharmaceutical applications, engineering sciences, system designs, business strategies and solutions, and complex systems modeling and simulation. The center will also offer opportunities to students and faculty to work on projects that could potentially provide challenging learning experiences and meet market needs.

The incubators are expected to accept fifty student internships each year and for a period of six months. Each trainee shall work full time for the incubators with a minimum of eight hours a day. The trainees will work jointly with the incubator professionals and will be trained on leading edge ICT technologies. The Incubators will help students enhance their personal competency, research, and skills through practical training in problem solving and participation in project-based learning activities. Students will better understand workplace interactions and gain professional, technical and teamwork skills. The incubators will also increase student knowledge and awareness about latest developments in the ICT-related fields and enhance their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship spirits. Furthermore, incubators will offer career opportunities in variety of disciplines to graduates who prove to gain professionalism and high profile qualifications and experiences.


Build an entrepreneurial university by 2025.


Provide an environment equipped with modern techniques for the rehabilitation of students and graduates to meet the evolving needs and changing of the local market and neighboring markets through concerted and integrated efforts of both the business and industry sector and the academic sector.


       The Academic Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence (AECE) has recently been established with a mission to :​

  • Facilitate collaboration between academia and industry to better serve the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) sector needs and contribute to the national shift towards a stronger knowledge economy.
  • Develop a working environment for professors and students to better enhance understanding of workplace interactions, team work, and technical skills, and to increase knowledge and awareness about latest developments in the ICT-related fields.
  • Promote and encourage ICT companies to establish their own organizational units within the Center for Research & Development.
  • Build capacity and expertise to develop and deploy top-quality software solutions according to international and best practices standards.